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Word cloud of descriptive words of the Core.

The Core in Three Words

Published: November 20, 2020

Throughout the Centennial year, we've asked you to provide 3 words to describe the Core and you delivered. Explore the words submitted to describe the Core and share your own.

Adaptive, Annoying, Art, Background, Baseline, Best, Books, Broad, Broadening, Broadens, Canon, Challenge, Challenging, Change, Civilization, Classic, Classics, Cocktails, Coleman, Collaboration, Columbia, Combined, Common, Communal, Community, Composition, Comprehensive, Condition, Connection, Contemplation, Conversations, Courses, Creative, Critical, Critical-Thinking, Crosswords, Culture, Curiosity, D'Acierno, Debate, Deep, Delightful, Demanding, Descarte, Dialogue, Difficult, Directional, Discourse, Discovery, Discussion, Disputation, Disturbing, Diverse, Education, Educational, Encompassing, English, Enlightening, Enlightenment, Enriching, Epic, Erudition, Essential, Ever-Evolving, Exciting, Expansive, Experience, Exploration, Eye-opening, FANTABULOUS, Formative, Foundational, Friends, Fundamental, Future, Generational, Grammar, Gratitude, Great, Greeks, Group, Growth, Historical, Homer, Human, Humanities, Humanity, Humbling, Iconoclastic, Impactful, Inaugural, Influence, Insightful, Inspiring, Intellectual, Interdisciplinary, Interesting, Inviting, Jeopardy, Journey, Knowledge, Learning, Legacy, Life, Life-changing, Limited, Literature, Lively, Logic, Masterpiece, Memorable, Men, Metzger, Mind, Mind-building, Mind-opening, Movement, Nietzsche, Old, Opera, Outstanding, Overarching, Pain, Past, Pellegrino, Perspective, Philosophy, Plato, Pluralism, Professor, Profound, Progression, Provoking, Questioning, Reading, Reconsidered, Rewarding, Rhetoric, Rich, Rigor, Rigorous, Robust, Rounded, Salon, Samuel, Scholar, Scholarly, Sciences, Seminal, Seminar, Shared, Significant, Skills, Society, Stimulating, Strenuous, Suffering, Super, Surprising, Synthesis, Teacher, Tears, Texts, Thought-provoking, Thrilling, Timeless, Topics, Tradition, Traditional, Transformative, Transforming, Understanding, Unifying, Unique, Unnecessary, Uplifting, Useful, Valuable, Variety, Vigor, Well-rounded, Western, White, Why, Wisdom, Women, Worldly, Writing

What three words come to your mind when you think about the Core?



Scroll through the word cloud below to visually see which words were submitted most often. 

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