Art Humanities

Exploring the nexus of images and vision that shaped past epochs which, in turn, shape our own.

illustration depicting two people viewing a painting

The Visual World Around Us

Art Humanities explores the nexus of images and vision that shaped past epochs, which in turn shape our own. Through close visual analysis of iconic monuments and intimate study of works in New York’s world-class museums, we ask how human subjects and cultures were formed in and by the classical art of Antiquity, the religious art of the Middle Ages, the avant-garde art of Modernity, and the major epochs in between. Art Humanities is more than a parade of great artists and artworks—the Parthenon to Andy Warhol, by way of Raphael, Rembrandt, Picasso, and others—though it is that as well. Art Humanities provides the tools to interrogate the visual worlds around us, the knowledge to understand those that preceded us, and the passion to imagine worlds yet to come.

This website presents highlights of the curriculum familiar from your studies as well as a range of artworks under consideration for future inclusion. You can also find some of the advanced pedagogic tools we have introduced into the classroom—such as a Virtual Reality tour of Amiens cathedral—in order to bring students even closer to art and architecture of the past.