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The Core Curriculum is a centerpiece of the Columbia College experience, separating the College from any other institution in the nation. Through a carefully orchestrated set of classes and requirements, the Core cultivates a deliberate consciousness and willingness to engage with others over ideas, values, and beliefs, attending to the whole student and offering transcendental lessons that nourish personal evolution and social responsibility.

Producing the Core experience each year requires an exceptional commitment of time and resources. Students engage with hundreds of instructors, texts, discussions, and debates; faculty and instructors spend thousands of hours collectively to prepare and teach, and the scale of this central enterprise continues to grow with each year. Columbia College is proud to continue its century-long commitment to the Core and welcomes your investment in the next hundred years.

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sections of the Core each year

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classrooms used for teaching

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hours spent teaching the Core

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thinkers, creators, artists experienced in the Core

Your investment matters

Donor support has helped shape the Core as we know it today, but the College needs your investment to strengthen the Core experience for future students.

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Modernizing the Core classroom

New technology, like VR goggles for Art Humanities; the digitization of Music Humanities files; improvements to multimedia technology in Core classrooms.

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Creating new multimedia content

Content in podcasts and other mediums, created by the Center for the Core and made available to students and alumni alike.

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Bringing visiting lecturers to campus

Diverse voices and viewpoints on Core themes and ideas, reflections on the past, present and future.

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Providing supplemental funding for Core Faculty

Investments in the faculty who teach Core classes and in weekly community-building for all preceptors.

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Success Stories

The Core is the defining experience of a Columbia College education, which binds together the generations and offers each class a chance to reflect on, debate, and finally synthesize what these works mean for them and their own approach to the world. As a Columbia College couple, we knew we were in it for the long haul when we finally combined our books, with our Lit Hum and CC collections — each with our own scribbled notes — side by side in our home.

Sarah Gitlin & Tao Tan
CC'13 & CC'07, BUS'11

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