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Core Conversations: Claudia Rankine's Citizen

Join fellow alumni in a month-long reading of this timely book-length poem, beginning October 9. 

October 09, 2020
November 20, 2020

The Core in Three Words

See what words described your Core experience.

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November 11, 2020

Your Core Stories

From becoming crossword masters to humor that "transcends time", the Core has inspired generations.

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November 18, 2020

Core Stories BINGO!

What's your free space?

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September 28, 2020

The Core Responds to Here and Now

As the Core's framework endures, it must evolve...

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August 27, 2020

New Work on Racial Violence For Lit Hum

"To remain vital, Lit Hum must be open to change, contestation and debate..."

July 16, 2020

Contemporary Music Inspired by the Classics

Did you know Alicia Keys and Barry Manilow were inspired by composers studied in Music Hum?

September 25, 2020

A Reimagined "Thinker"

Back by popular demand: Cartoon Caption Contest!

October 01, 2020

Learning to See

Explore these illustrated Art Hum pieces.

September 26, 2020

Core Cartoon Series

We provided the cartoon, you provided the captions. 

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July 08, 2020

The Core Cartoon Caption Contest: CC

Caption this!

April 10, 2020

A Crayola Classic

Submit your caption by Monday, May 11 for this fun cartoon.

April 05, 2020

See You on the Steps

Low Steps, reimagined, with your captions!

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Claudia Rankine and the Making of Citizen

Bestselling author Claudia Rankine SOA'93 will discuss her book Citizen: An American Lyric

October 27, 2020