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Core Stories

Paul Schwarzbaum ’84

The Core thinker/ who affected me most was… Thucydides

If I could teach one course forever, it’d be Lit Hum.

Margo Rosen

Former Lit Hum Lecturer

The Core has not meant one big “thing” to me, but it has meant a string of very important “little things..."

Rafael Padilla

Something I learned in the Core was...

That even though I was really well read and excelled at writing in high school, I could not master logic and rhetoric.

Jessica Craig ’94

Something I learned in the Core was...

The Core Courses were the most memorable I took at Columbia.

Yen Tan ’62

Something I learned in the Core was...

Mind-opening, inspiring, great discussion

Fred Bremer ’74

When I think about the Core, these three words come to mind...

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