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Core books with titles changed to puns.

Fun in Core-antine

Published: May 5, 2020

Looking for a laugh?

We asked alumni on social media to submit their best Core book puns inspired by our current situation, and they answered the call in creative fashion! Enjoy a selection of our favorite, timely takes on some classic Core works.

Book cover of "Zoomposium" by Plato
"The Ae-Need A Haircut" punned book cover.

The Ae-Need a Haircut from "casilver17" on Instagram
Plato's Zoomposium from Emily Lightston CC’08 on Facebook

Other punny submissions:
Purell and Prejudice from Katie Karpenstein CC’97
The Book of (Remote) Job from Adina Levin CC’11
To The LivingRoom from Deb Feldman CC’97
The Quran(tine) from Ruby Bola CC’03
The Social Distancing Contract from Sam Arora CC’03 and Ismael Dovalina CC’74
Macbed from Lena Khosrof CC’24
Dante's Infection from Soleil Nicole Guevara CC’23
Song of Solitude from Sandhya Nankani CC’96
Oedipus Rx from Mark Ashley Lewis CC’86
Quarantine Cave from Sandhya Nankani CC’96
Decameron and on and on and on from Carl Schaerf CC’88
The TP Odyssey from Susan Loring Crane CC’89
The Ae-neid More Bread Flour from Katie Karpenstein CC’97

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