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Student Creativity During the Pandemic

Published: July 28, 2020

When College students were forced to leave campus in March during the height of the pandemic, traditional methods of Core Curriculum instruction were rethought to fit the new realities of the remote classroom. In response, several students submitted their own creative projects as Lit Hum capstones and, in doing so, showcased the range of skills the Core aims to foster in entirely original ways. Below are four examples of creative projects by rising College sophomores—each a testament to the unique ways students and instructors have adapted to online learning during the pandemic.

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A Core take on Calvin and Hobbes
Andre Balian CC'23, Neuroscience and Behavior major

“My project is a comic of the windmill scene in Don Quixote, but it is played out by the characters Calvin and Hobbes from the cartoon strip created by Bill Watterson. Calvin is a child with a vivid imagination, so I thought it would be perfect for Calvin to take the place of our ingenious gentleman from La Mancha.”

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Illustration from a student featuring a warrior.
Rebecca Collins-Pfeiffer CC'23, Comparative Literature and Linguistics major

“The idea behind the project was every character we had encountered had basically been sitting with us, discussing with us, and laughing with us throughout the year in Lit Hum.  This stemmed from a very real feeling I had about my experience in the class and in studying literature in general; it is the experience of getting to know someone, of having a conversation, and of becoming able to see from a point of view other than your own—all of which seems particularly relevant at this moment.”

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Core version of subway map.
Robert Hunter CC'23, Architecture major

“This fictional subway map shows the relationships between different texts as well as the different concepts they go through. Unlike a normal subway map that directly reflects the geography of a city, this map models the abstract links and discussions we had during class to reveal an interconnected view of the course.”

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Dante's Adventure computer game.
Tiffany Bautista CC'23, Financial Economics major

“Dante's Adventure is a Super Mario Bros inspired video game that delves into the world of Dante's Inferno as well as Paradise Lost. In this game, the players are able to go through  levels with similar storylines to the actual books; however, there are many parts of the game that are reimagined for the enjoyment of playing.”

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