Art Hum CCT Cartoon Caption Contest

A Crayola Classic

Published: April 10, 2020

In honor of the Centennial, CCT asked four artistic alums to take inspiration from the Core and provide a cartoon in need of your caption — one for each of the four issues this academic year..

This third installment is by illustrator Dr. Benjamin Schwartz CC’03, P&S’08, cartoonist for The New Yorker and chief creative officer for the Department of Surgery at the Medical Center. Enjoy the winning caption, submitted by Patrick Rapp CC’66, plus a few of our favorite entries, below!

Art Hum CCT Cartoon Caption Contest

“In 1923, with the introduction of the home refrigerator in the U.S., a new art form emerged among some of the younger artists there.”
Patrick Rapp CC’66


Other Favorite Submissions:

“And this next piece is representative of my daughter’s Rainbow Period.”
Andrew Bautista CC'00

“...and this is the only remaining sample of Picasso’s work during his freshman year!”
Carlos R. Muñoz ‘57

“After extensive cleaning, Les Demoiselles d’Avignon yielded this earlier work.”
C. Christine Amirian CC ‘86

“And this is a very early work by Leonardo Da Vinci called “Mona and her sister Lisa.”
Francisco Galvan CC 76

“... And now to our masterpiece - The DiZygotica -...”
Marc R LeBidois CC ‘85

Cartoon caption contest image for Spring 2020
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