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Cartoon created for CCT Caption Contest

Core Cartoon Series

Published: September 26, 2020
The first cartoon in the caption contest
A Lit Workout

"Enough warm-ups, already! When are we going to roll boulders with Sisyphus?"

-William A. Teichner CC'86

Cartoon caption contest image for Winter 2019
See You on the Steps

“French vanilla chia seeds at JJ’s Place! We’re not in Athens anymore, P.”

-Tom McNamee CC’99

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Art Hum CCT Cartoon Caption Contest
A Crayola Classic

“In 1923, with the introduction of the home refrigerator in the U.S., a new art form emerged among some of the younger artists there.”

-Patrick Rapp CC’66

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Cartoon caption contest image for Spring 2020
An Unexpected Exercise

"I think Roar-ee is just trying to find his Ni(etzs)che at Columbia!"

-Charles J. Huang CC’24

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